Client Start-up
Year 2016
Industry Hospitality

01. The Challenge.

Our client is a UK based start-up with a mission to transform the extended stay industry and becoming the leader in booking extended stay serviced apartments.
The extended stay and corporate housing are well-stablished concepts. However, finding and booking a serviced apartments for an extended period of time is still a painful experience. This segment of the market is not covered by large hotel booking engaine and there was a need for change.
Our client wanted to design and develope an online booking engaine that allows users to search, select and book extended start apartments in real-time.

02. Key Objectives.

Portfolio search engaine capability.
- Real-time availibalities and booking function.
- Increase membership registration.
- Increase property partner participation.
- A design that resembles luxury.

03. What Did We Do

We ran number of workshops with our client and their internal team to undrestand their vision. The workshops were designed to help us undrestand the brand identity, technical challengese and the overall mission of the company.
Through a collaborative working process with the client we designed the system arcitecture for the platform along with initial ideas and protprypes. We worked closely with our client to deliver the best in class digital product with a twist of good design and seemlease booking exprience.


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